Bath House Bait – Shane Frost

Bath House Bait - Shane Frost

I lost my contact in one of the rooms and I seriously had 6 guys looking all over for it. Don’t get me wrong; it was pretty dark so there were hands and feet going everywhere. I could have sworn someone poked my eye with their dong! No but seriously, there were some hard to reach places and when I mean there were tight holes and stuff, just take my word for it. This place is the best on customer service. They go all out to please every guest.

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Bath House Bait – Mike & Alex

Bath House Bait - Mike & Alex

The best part of our day after our workout is lounging by the pool. Mike get’s everyone’s attention as he oils himself up while I’m just at… attention. Hey it’s cool. What happens here stays here. I could really come here everyday. In fact, I do come here everyday. There’s nothing like getting fucked in banana lounge. Did I just make that up? Hahahahaha.

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Bath House Bait – AJ

Bath House Bait - AJ

Whoever says that wrestling is gay is GAY. Wrestling is my life. Coach always said if we got a boner, then it just meant that we were really pumped and ready to win one for the team. That’s how I feel about this place. When I get a boner, it’s only because I’m ready to score. Once I release, the team goes crazy and everyone leaves satisfied.

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Bath House Bait – Travis Irons

Bath House Bait - Travis Irons

I’m not use to those damaging sun rays. I’m kind of that nerdy guy who’ll stay home and play video games in my dark bedroom on a Tuesday afternoon and jam. This place is perfect because I get to wear what I want, when I want. Sometimes I just walk around naked because I know I can and I don’t feel ashamed of being me. Hell, I’ll even let another guy grab my joystick even if there’s no TV.

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Bath House Bait – Drake Jaden

Bath House Bait - Drake Jaden

I always thought it was a little too gay to shower with another dude. But dude! Hanging out in the showers is like when my girlfriend goes to get her hair done. It’s like we all just catch up on what’s most important at the time. For me, I don’t get all caught up in ‘feelings’. I’m just like this is how it is and we’re all just guys. No homo, right?

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